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About our program

The Cabot School District is committed to educating all students

to be responsible citizens who value learning,

treat others with dignity and respect,

and adapt successfully to the demands

of the rapidly changing society.

EL Programs

The mission of the Cabot School District

ESOL Department is to implement and support instruction to ELs in English language proficiency, cultural cognizance, and academic development,

which will enable them to be successful in society. Furthermore, it is our intention to empower educators

in reference to educating ELs  as well as to serve

as a liaison for families and the community.

Elementary level (K – 4):  

The Cabot School District offers an International Academy for students K-4. The parents that wish to keep their child at their home school may do so.  All English Learners (ELs) throughout the district are serviced by an EL Teacher and/or EL Paraprofessional.


Middle School level (5 – 6):

The Cabot School District offers a push-in program at this level. An EL Teacher and/or an EL Paraprofessional works with ELs in the classroom and provides support to the classroom teacher. 


Secondary level (7 – 12):

Our district has three EL Teachers assigned to 5 different schools. At this level, 7th and 8th grade ELs are offered assistance through a Pull-out program. From grades 9 – 12, ELs are offered courses through our Language Academy. Language Academy consists of English Language Development 1 (ELD1), English Language Development 2 (ELD2), and English Language Development 3 (ELD3).  All ELs are recommended to register.  Students at a language proficiency of level 1, 2, or 3 are strongly encouraged to enroll in the course respective to their proficiency level.  Each course has a set curriculum to help develop the language proficiency level for the targeted group. If a student does not want to commit to the class (usually due to specific credits needed for graduation), they can still participate in a Pull-out program with the EL Teacher as needed.

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